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Get a hold of our classic tee to show the world you know a lil somethin' about fufu, guinep, injera, egusi, attiéké, pepperpot, bariis, ...

Plantain Over Everything


Whether you say "plan-tin" or "plan-tayn", we can all agree that everything tastes better with plantain. Show your love for this starchy fruit with an iconic tee...

Injera & Chill Black


This one goes out to the kids who wanted Lunchables and got shiro instead and to all the first-generation foodies learning how to make injera for the first time...



The REAL deal. Super warm, stylish, and versatile, this sweater just screams "I'm proud AF to be a #blackfoodie!"

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The BLACK FOODIE Battle - Vegan for the Culture

In this episode of the Battle, challengers must use only plant-based ingredients to recreate a classic dish found in Black restaurants around the world. Prepare to be impressed.

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our 2021 mother's day gift guide

Actually…Your Mom Does Want a Gift for Mother’s Day

Here are 30 unique gift ideas from Black-owned brands, artisans, and chefs that even the most selfless mother will love.

a collage with pictures of fruit, spring rolls, and donuts

Red Porridge & Akara: Celebrating Ramadan in Benin


Tangy fruits, sugary donuts, and smooth red porridge are just some of the foods I like to enjoy to break the fast during Ramadan in Benin.

a bowl of dates in front of a gold candle ornament on a table

My Top 5 Iftar Faves for Foodies


When it’s time to break the fast, my iftar table includes a mix of West and East African dishes. Here are 5 of my favourites to enjoy during Ramadan.

a plate of sliced mango, coconut mea, red peppers, and red onion, garnished with peanuts

Spicy Green Mango and Coconut Meat Salad

This super delicious vitamin C-loaded salad is the perfect side dish for any meal. It’s going to become your next favorite, I’m telling you!

The mix of the mango, coconut, and hot peppers can’t be described with words, you just have to make it, eat it, and experience the flavor explosions in your mouth!

a circular, white cheesecake topped with sliced strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and slivers of mango

Creamy Raw Vegan Cheesecake

I have a huge sweet tooth and am always experimenting in the kitchen to remix my favourite desserts. I made this raw vegan cheesecake for the first time for Earth Day and honestly, I was surprised at how good it is!

The crust is made with walnuts and dates and the filling gets its richness from coconut cream. The best part about this recipe is that the flavour of the filling is completely customizable! Next time I’ll add some coconut extract or some ribbons of mango curd to really kick it up a notch.

Try it this weekend!

a slice of macaroni pie topped with a portobello mushroom covered in BBQ sauce

Vegan Macaroni Pie and BBQ Portobello Mushrooms


In Guyana, macaroni pie is a staple dish at Sunday dinners and an easy way to add colour, texture, and flavour to the dinner table. Its aroma is one that instantly makes you hungry when entering the kitchen and its creamy, cheesy texture infused with spices tingle the taste buds and opens the appetite.

I decided to pair this macaroni pie with barbecued portobello mushrooms because BBQ goes well with macaroni as the contrast in flavours balances out the meal. It’s a match made in heaven! Welcome to Chef Monty’s Sunday dinner, vegan style.

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