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Get a hold of our classic tee to show the world you know a lil somethin' about fufu, guinep, injera, egusi, attiéké, pepperpot, bariis, ...

Plantain Over Everything


Whether you say "plan-tin" or "plan-tayn", we can all agree that everything tastes better with plantain. Show your love for this starchy fruit with an iconic tee...

Injera & Chill Black


This one goes out to the kids who wanted Lunchables and got shiro instead and to all the first-generation foodies learning how to make injera for the first time...



The REAL deal. Super warm, stylish, and versatile, this sweater just screams "I'm proud AF to be a #blackfoodie!"

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How to Order and Eat Jamaican Food!

Jamaican food is a representation of the blend of cultures that have influenced the island over hundreds of years, making it one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Get our tips for how to enjoy it from the comfort of your couch!

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a bowl of brightly coloured stew with corn, sweet potato, and carrot pieces, chicken, and a slice of thick bread

Bahamian Stew Chicken

This hearty bowl is infused with my favourite Caribbean herb, thyme, and original Bahamian heritage. It’s a one-pot dish that’ll keep you full for days. Be sure to enjoy it with my buttery 18th-Century Johnny Cakes.

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Bahamian Chicken Souse

Chicken Souse (pronounced sowse) is a tasty chili-lime based soup with a zesty flavour profile. It is essentially the chicken soup of the Caribbean with medicinal properties to give your immune system a boost when you are feeling “under the weather.”

Serve the souse with buttery Johnny Cakes for a complete meal.

photos of the Bahamas shoreline

18th-Century Bahamian Johnny Cakes

The origins of Johnny Cake dates back to the the 18th century. Fishermen and sailors made this bread on the decks of their vessels by building a fire in a box filled with sand to keep the flames from spreading to the craft. It was originally called “journey cake” because it was quick to make and sustainable while travelling.

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