14 Black Vegan YouTubers You Need to Subscribe To!

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Photo from @SweetPotatoSoul Instagram

Going vegan can be tough and isolating at times. When family and friends are tempting you with mac & cheese or in my case Doro wot, it’s easy to lose your focus. Whether you’re just trying to incorporate more plant based foods into your diet or you’re ready to finally take the plunge into the vegan lifestyle- these Black Vegan YouTube channels will brighten your day and spice up your meal prep.

Doose By Nathalie NYC


Sweet Potato Soul

Brown Vegan


Korenn rochelle


Rachel Ama

London Afro Vegan 



The Vegan Jamaican 


Tish wonders 

Ty’s conscious Kitchen 


Afia Amoako  ( Ghanaian vegan) 

Vegan Nigerian 

Naija Vegan 



Gueli Fornetti 

And because we all need some laughs:

Vegan Parody 

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