4 Tips for a Magical Evening Picnic

Aren’t summer picnics the best? Spending a warm afternoon with the company of family and friends while enjoying delicious food and the great outdoors is simply magical.

With all the time spent indoors this year, being outdoors is such a treat, while the weather is still beautiful and sunny, let’s take advantage of every minute of it while staying safe. This summer, what I have enjoyed the most is the casual weeknight picnics at the beach.

This picnic is as simple as packing your dinner and enjoying it outdoors. We have been having these casual dinners after a day of working from home. We don’t need to wait for the weekend to enjoy more time outside in this beautiful weather. Watching the sunset after a delicious dinner and refreshing drinks is very relaxing. Here are a few tips I’ve learned this summer after a few magical evenings.

Tip 1: Make an easy meal. Here I am thinking of a meal that will be easy to pack. Something you don’t mind eating at room temperature and will not get ruined if it gets mixed up while transporting it. 

Tip 2: Pack your food in individual portions in the containers of your choice. This also includes taking your own cutlery. By doing this, you don’t need to think about packing paper plates or have to worry about any waste. 

Tip 3: Next, pack your favourite mixed fruit for dessert. Remember we are trying to keep this picnic as simple as possible. Also don’t forget something to drink like sorrel/bissap juice, a good ginger beer, or simply water. 

Tip 4: Do take-out! In case it is a no cooking day for you, grab some food from your favourite take out restaurant to enjoy for dinner. Local businesses need our support now more than ever.

I hope these tips are useful to you. Remember the goal here is to enjoy our time with our family and friends as much as possible while the warm weather is still here.

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