5 Cannabis Cooking Black Chefs you need to check out!

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Photo credit: @tical_negus @kayamankitchen

As cannabis enthusiasts across the world celebrate 4/20, we’re shining light on 5 Black chefs creating waves in the community with their cannabis infused creations. Check out the list below:

Andrea Drummer 

Andrea Drummer is a California based chef who uses her cannabis infused cuisine to bring healing and good times.  She went from firmly disapproving of cannabis to becoming a master in infusing the ingredient into delicious foods. She now hosts popular exclusive tastings &  is often on television advocating for her new way of cooking to the masses.

Chef Daniella

Chef Daniella is an entrepreneur who hosts a variety of events featuring her cannabis infused menus. From “Canna Brunch with you” to her cocktails and cannabis events, she creates a space for cannabis lovers in NYC to enjoy.


Keena Moffet

Keena is a cannabis entrepreneur who is using her skills to teach foodies how to incorporate cannabis into tasty meals. She’s written a cookbook and recently launched a YouTube cooking show called The Antidote  to show folks that there’s more to cannabis cooking than just brownies!



Chef Giovanni Merle 

Hailing from Mauritius, Chef Giovanni has brought his talents to the Washington DC area. He hosts special events that spotlight his cannabis cooking. In addition to this, he began a non profit, Kayaman Kitchen , to remove the stigma in his homeland of the Rastafarian faith and decriminalize cannabis.



Chef Unika Noiel

This Seattle based chef has made her mark on the cannabis culinary world with her infused soul food. From special events to catering, her business LuvnKitchn brings people back to her roots… with a touch of cannabis.


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