5 East & West African Recipes to Spice Up Your Picnic

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In the summertime, picnics and BBQs are my favourite food-filled events to share with family and friends. As someone who loves tropical fruits and eating outdoors, picnics are the perfect way of enjoying seasonal bites and quality time with your loved ones.

While Ethiopian food doesn’t seem picnic-friendly at a glance, it is actually common to prepare food into “agelgil” (አገልግል), which is a lunchbox filled with layers of injera and vegan stews, for long travel and outdoor eating.

I’ve come to really appreciate picnics in a time like this, it’s really the easiest way to break bread with people and find gratitude in the simple pleasures.

For my birthday this month, I’m planning a socially-distant picnic with a few friends and I’m so excited to cook up my favourite brunch bites for the occasion. Here are a few cultural recipes that are inspiring my celebratory spread:

1) Ambasha (Cardamom and Vanilla Spiced Bread)

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2) Red Red with Plantains

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3) Lentil Sambusa

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4) Firfir

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5) Vegan Coffee Cake

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