5 Delicious Soups and Stews to Ease the Soul this Fall

Winter. The pain of existence to many of us who live in the Northern hemisphere. With shorter days, colder nights, and much, much snow, winter can be a bit of a drag. A feeling that risk to be amplified as we embark on the second wave of this dreadful pandemic. Self-care is a must these days, and I have the perfect soulful stews and soups for you to battle the winter and COVID blues. 

Now, these recipes may not provide you with the same comfort as an all-inclusive most likely would have in the middle of February, but they come pretty darn close! From Nigeria to Haiti, these recipes will transport you, momentarily, to the sandy beaches of the diaspora, a much-needed mental trip after the year we all have had.

Below are five soups and stews to ease your mind, body and soul this winter. Enjoy and stay warm!

1. Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Melody Willis’ Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Flavoured with African spices and herbs, this simple yet popular one-pot soup will keep you nice and warm on those on long winter nights. Don’t let the Habanero peppers in this recipe scare you. A little bit of spice has never hurt anybody!

2. Goat Meat Peanut Butter Soup

Maria Bradford’s Goat Meat Peanut Butter Soup

As a culinary staple in many countries across the continent, Goat Meat Peanut Butter soup is a must-have to battle the winter blues. Rich, creamy, and highly nutritious Maria Braford’s Sierra Leone’s version of the soup, is a great introduction to the delectable cuisine of Sweet Salone.

3. Trini Corn Soup

Trini Corn Soup

Corn Soup is often consumed after a night of partying and considerable drinking, but it also makes for a nice cozy dish to enjoy during a chill day. Try Twice the Spice’s Corn Soup recipe for that Trini flavour, that’ll have you reminisce about the Soca fetes we attended way back when COVID was nowhere close to being a concern.

4. Efo-Riro

Aramide Pearce’s Efo-Riro

Efo-Riro, a rich Nigerian vegetable stew often served with the fried cassava dough-like Eba, is another must-have and much-needed soul-warming dish. Eat it with a spoon or with a scoopful of Eba; this dish will transport you to the warm lands of Nigeria.

5. Soup Joumou

Sophia Sanon’s Soup Joumou

Last, but definitely not least, is the Haitian delicacy Soup Joumou. A true winter soup, it is traditionally enjoyed by Haitian across the diaspora on New Year’s Day as a way to commemorate Haiti’s Independence. Made with the very in-season ingredients of pumpkin, butternut squash, cabbage, leeks and rutabaga, this soup is a great way to battle winter blues.

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