5 Spots to grab Tasty Ethiopian food in Toronto!

Abyssinia by Eden

If you ever had the pleasure of tasting Ethiopian food, then this list is for you! And if you haven’t- then what are you waiting for? Ethiopian food offers a flavourful dining experience that is unlike any other cuisine. Large platters of injera, a spongey flatbread typically made with Teff grain are served with delicious stews and eaten by hand. The great thing about Ethiopian food is it’s not only tasty, it also works for any type of foodie, whether you’re a carnivore, vegan or gluten free- there’s something on the menu that is perfect for you.  Fortunately Toronto is filled with lots of great Ethiopian & Eritrean restaurants for us to try! I’ve compiled a list of my favourite restaurants on the Danforth in Toronto, a hotspot for anyone who loves injera! There are lots of great options on Bloor too, but this is where I suggest you start!

We’ve teamed up with an awesome new documentary to produce this list. Teff the grain that is so essential to Ethiopia’s staple bread- injera, is considered a superfood. It’s gluten free, rich in iron and many other nutrients! In recent years it’s become wildly popular in the west. The Superfood Chain documentary explores how these superfood trends affects local farmers, following the lives of teff farmers in Ethiopia,  quinoa farmers in Bolivia, coconut oil producers in the Philippines and more.



This documentary is a must watch for everyone who is interested in learning how their food choices & western superfood crazes impact the people who produce it around the world. Lucky for us we can watch this super interesting & informative documentary FOR FREE online. Here’s a link:


Check it out and let us know your thoughts! Stay tuned because I’ll be taking over @TheSuperfoodchain documentary’s instagram account to show how to make injera with Teff from the motherland.


Wazema Restaurant 

360 Danforth Ave

Try their veggie platter – you’ll love it & be sure to get a side of shiro, a special chickpea stew! It’s absolutely delicious and one of my favourite items to order at Wazema.


Abyssinia Restaurant 

884 Danforth Ave

The veggie platter here is delicious, but you have to try their cha cha tibs (sizzling lamb pieces served with a spicy sauce on the side)  or their breakfast menu! You may have to call ahead to get their breakfast bites, but if you do try their chechebsa!  You’ll thank me later!




1383 Danforth Ave

This is where I go for a quick fix of tibs, an Ethiopian staple of sautéed beef or lamb with peppers and spices. It’s delicious, well priced and super hearty!


Lalibela (East location) 

1202 Danforth Ave
Lalibela’s key wot (a rich stew with lamb or beef) will have you coming back. Its super hearty and one of my favourites!




1400 Danforth Ave

Rendezvous is always packed so show up early! I suggest ordering a coffee ceremony after your meal here, you’ll experience the beauty of Ethiopian coffee culture in this super cozy cultural gem!



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