6 Red Velvet Desserts for Bae

For those of you who don’t know, red velvet cake is EVERYTHING! When I was a student I use to mission to the other end of the city to get my favourite red velvet cake and I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dessert. I still have no regrets – that cake was worth it! But why stop at red velvet cake,  when you can have red velvet everything! Nothing says love better than Chocolate and Red velvet with it’s cocoa goodness will do the trick!  Here are 6 recipes  to help you show bae you care!

1.  Red Velvet Cake


2. Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

3. Red Velvet Twinkies

4. Red Velvet Cake with a twist


5. Red Velvet Biscuits!

6. Red Velvet Brownies

BONUS! If you really want to switch it up and win bae over- try our great Red Velvet Cornbread Recipe!!

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