7 Must Try restaurants in Accra

When a friend introduced me to BlackFoodie, I knew by the name alone, I would love it! When you look at food eaten by black people around the world, you can find a lot of similarity in what we eat. Coincidence? I think not!

Paying tribute to the various black culinary experiences, the list below is aimed to please every BlackFoodie who is in or who comes to Accra. Not only are you bound to enjoy the food you know and love, you’ll also be able to try something new!

1. Jamrock Restaurant

Rice and peas, jerk chicken and dumplings. Curried goat and Jamaican patties. Drooling yet?

In high school I used to love going to visit my Jamaican friend for her mom’s food, I just couldn’t get enough! Jamrock serves all the Jamaican food I know and love, and then some.

Photo Cred: @yaw_pare (Instagram)

Photo Cred: @yaw_pare (Instagram)

Jamrock Restaurant- Ghana



2. The Chop Bar

Eating the Ghanaian comfort food you love without the Ghanaian sun beating down your back, and best of all, inside a nicely chilled air-conditioned restaurant. What more can a girl ask for?



3. Chez Clarisse

Even after all these years, Clarisse is still winning with her Ivorian dishes. Nuff said!

Photo Cred: @beingyvetteingh Instagram

Photo Cred: @beingyvetteingh



4. Azmera

Azmera is known for having possibly one of the most diverse buffet restaurants for Ghanaian cuisine in Accra. Whenever I find myself here for lunch, my curiosity will have me trying something new!

Photo of d'den: @balodden instagram

Photo of d’den: @balodden instagram

5. Simret Ethiopian Restaurant

Fun fact! Injera, a mildly sour-tasting flatbread, is high in iron.

Having grown up with Eritrean friends, I was able to enjoy this unique meal, originally from Ethiopia and Eritrea, but also eaten in some other East African countries.

6. D-den

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 7.16.13 PM


As the most populous African country, it’s no surprise that you can find Nigerians, and their food, everywhere. Their food is as diverse as their ethnic groups!

7. Champion Dishes

Since we all know Ghanaian jollof is AWESOME, you have to try Champion dishes. Before we got a caterer in the office, one colleague used to eat their jollof every. single. day. I kid you not!

If you are in Accra or end up coming here, give me a shout so we can go for a meal together and share our Black Foodie stories!

With love from Accra,


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