8 Recipes for Jollof Rice from across the continent

Photo credit from Enespage

Jollof rice takes on different forms and flavours across the continent. Each country claims to have the best and that’s part of the reason Black Foodie and Supafrik have partnered to host an event that celebrates this friendly rivalry- Jollof Wars. A Food tasting/ party that will settle the score once and for all.  If you’re interested in tasting and adding your 2 cents- be sure to get a ticket! 

But what is the difference in recipes and presentation across the continent. Check out these recipe videos to see!

  1.  Senegalese style:

2. Ghanian with a twist

3. Nigerian Jollof

4. Sierra Leone Jollof

5. Togo style Jollof

6. Liberian Jollof rice


7. Cameroon Style

8. Gambian Jollof with some laughs

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