A Berry Delicious Smoothie

Do you ever go through one of those mornings where  you want to eat dinner for breakfast?  I’ve done it multiple times with no shame. However, as a vegan, I can’t get the nutrients my body needs without being careful to eat healthy. So one of my favorite breakfast foods at the moment  is a big bowl of berries’ smoothie.  Through my test and trials, I’ve realized anything that has raspberry and strawberry in it tastes like a dessert. And who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast?

Did I forget to mention it’s healthy and completely cruelty free?

Here’s the Recipe for my Berry-delicious smoothie


For one smoothie serving

1 Cup of frozen strawberries

1 Cup of frozen raspberries

2 Frozen bananas

Organic shredded unsweetened coconuts

1-½ Cups of plant-based milk of choice

1 serving of Silk Vanilla Dairy free yogurt (substitute with any plant based yogurt)

5 pieces of dates (substitute with plant based sweetener)

1 scoop of vegan protein of choice (optional)


  1. In a High Speed blender add the milk, yogurt, dates, protein powder, and frozen fruits. Blend all ingredients together until creamy. Add more liquid if it’s too thick or more bananas if you want a thicker, creamier consistency.
  2. Pour into a bowl. Topped with coconut or any topping of your choice as such fruits or seeds of choice.
  3. Instead of a smoothie bowl, you can pour the blended mixture in a Mason jar or milk bottle for a smoothie on the go.
  4. Voila, Enjoy!

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  • Johnny says:

    Nice recipe, Esse. This smoothie must be very refereshing in a hit summer day, as it is prepared from frozen fruit 🙂

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