Afro Vegan: So good, it’ll make you consider the Vegan Life

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When I first picked up, Afro Vegan I found myself intrigued yet apprehensive at the same time. The beautiful photos and African print woven cover drew me in. As an Ethiopian Canadian, I grew up eating traditional Ethiopian food that happened to be vegan. But I found all of the other vegan foods – you know the ones specifically marketed as vegan – lacked flavor and left me both hungry and bitter! But I had heard good things from a friend who had read theauthor’s previous book, Vegan Soul Kitchen. So I picked it up anyways determined to give this vegan cookbook a try.

PeanutStew (AfroVegan)

As I began reading through the pages searching for a recipe that caught my eye and my stomach, I realized quickly that this was no ordinary cookbook. The author Bryant Terry had curated a dining experience. With each page I was transported to a new part of the world with interesting and informative tips about each area the food came from. Not only were the photos beautiful and enticing me to get to work in that kitchen- it came with a soundtrack and a booklist! Everything from classic Ethiopian Jazz to throwback Lil Wayne tracks were paired with each recipe and it fit the food perfectly! And for all my avid readers, the books were on point too! Have to shout out Americanah which was paired with Crunchy Beanand Okra fritters with Mango Habenero Hot Sauce! (pg 28)

PlantainsThis book got me to think critically about what’s on my plate, support local farmers and think about how African cooking is deeply rooted in community.

Not all of the recipes we tried were simple or easy but they were worth the effort! It was informative without being preachy, and most importantly the food was absolutely delicious! I invited a few of my friends over to help me cook through the book- I was sure to not tell them it was vegan though! But let me tell you the food was so good, so filling and so flavourful that my friends were ready to crossover to the vegan side. I got texts days later from one of my girlfriends on how it inspired her to try more plant based cooking into her routine!

Mango Habenero Hot Sauces + Akara

Our Favorites

Mango- Habenero Hot Sauce (pg 28)

Peanut Stew (suggestion: Throw in a Habenero pepper)


Our Ratings:

Ease of use (how user friendly is it) 3/5

Taste 5/5

Experience 5/5

Visuals: 4/5 Beautiful

* Photos were Beautiful, just wish there were more photos!



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