Anneliese’s Nostalgic SoCal Picnic Menu


Growing up in Southern California, the consistently great weather allowed for many beautiful picnics to take place with my mom in the local park or beach.

My mother’s menu choices were heavily influenced by my Southern grandparents. It wasn’t uncommon to see delectable items like fried chicken, fresh rolls and some sort of red drink on our blanket. I always found great joy in munching on traditional foods and listening to ancestral stories.

Now that I’m older, my picnic essentials still include Southern classics, but I also find myself cravings foods from other parts of the diaspora.

Here are some of my absolute picnic must haves!   

1. Watermelon Cucumber Juice

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2. Lavender Tea Cakes

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3. Peri peri sauce

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4. Millet Salad

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5. Pikliz

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