Beyond the brownie: a new cookbook teaches cannabis desserts that are outside the box

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We caught up with Keena Moffet, a food entrepreneur who is showing the world that there are several ways to enjoy cannabis cuisine. Check out the interview below.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in food world?

I have been baking and making custom cakes since 2010, then in 2014 I transitioned the business into a commercial manufacturing bakery for wholesale.

How did you get into cooking with cannabis?
I have always made the personal choice to use natural remedies and herbal medicine for myself and my family. A family friend was diagnosed with a rare cancer and I’d heard that cannabis therapy works remarkably well for cancer patients. I began doing extensive research on the science, and decided to try converting many of the bakery’s recipes into infused ones.
How has the journey been? 
Honestly, it’s been really fun! I’m a bit of a science nerd and an accountant by trade, so the medical science fascinates me and the metric conversions for actual medicine in the recipes excites me.
Does being an African american woman entering this space affect the way you look at the cannabis industry? How so? 
Not so far. I’m still at the beginning of this journey and the legal industry is still in its infancy, so it remains to be seen whether they’ll be specific challenges based on my demographics .
Did you receive push back?
I haven’t received very much push back in the form of direct opposition. People are either really receptive and supportive of what I’m doing or they just ignore my social media posts and text messages, lol.
What are some of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to cooking with cannabis? 
I’d say the biggest misconception is that you can only make baked goods because most people’s experience is with brownies at some point.
What would you like others to know? 
I’d really like people to know that cannabis is so much more than a hippie thing or scary drug. It’s plant medicine that has the potential to eradicate many common illnesses.
What’s the your favourite dessert to make in your upcoming book?
I’d have to say it’s the ice cream recipe! I love making homemade ice cream and most people are shocked to find out that it can be infused.
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