Black Food Bloggers Bring You a Virtual Juneteenth Cookout Spread

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Today is Juneteenth and while many people are just waking up to what that even means, Black Americans–especially in the southern states–have been recognizing this day of delayed emancipation for over 150 years. So we know a thing or two about celebrating it. This year hits differently, though, in part because of the worldwide lens currently illuminating systemic racism and in part because of the global pandemic making virtual celebrations the safest bet for now. Since we can’t let Juneteenth go by without proper attention, nearly 70 Black food bloggers have come together for a virtual cookout that you’ll definitely want to join in on.

Black cuisine is multifaceted and so are the dishes that make up our Juneteenth virtual cookout menu. Craving food from the continent? We have Congolese saka saka, Nigerian jollof and more. If you want inspiration for Louisiana fare, check out Christy’s Crawfish Etouffee. We also have you covered with Caribbean favorites like Hatian jus de citron and Jamaican beef patties. Everybody pulling up to this cookout can find something to suit their taste. But of course, there’s no room at this table for those who don’t believe that Black lives matter.

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Not only does this virtual cookout include culinary creations that reflect the global reach of Blackness, it has multiple options for every course from drinks to main dishes and dessert! Our collective of Black food bloggers have re-imagined your favorite staples like this pound cake made with golden pineapple and this creamy yet completely vegan mac & cheese. If you haven’t already heard something that makes your mouth water, get into the full Juneteenth menu lineup below. And be sure to show these Black culinary creatives some love, while you’re at it!

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Photo by Savory Thoughts

2020 Juneteenth Virtual Cookout Menu


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