Black Woman owned Ice Cream company provides specialty artisan ice-cream to foodies across the country

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Summer is here and there’s no better way to cool off than with a big scoop of creamy delicious ice cold ice cream! We caught up with Jersey based food entrepreneur to learn more about her ice cream journey as she sets up to open her first shop. By pairing premium ingredients, creative flavor combinations and cake with ice cream, Kiana has created a recipe for success. If you’re not in the Jersey area, no worries- she ships her artisan ice creams across the country. Check out our interview with her below:


What inspired you to start this business?

I went to a local ice cream shop and ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream; it did not taste like vanilla. Talk about taste bud rage and disappointment.

That began my journey in creating the best scoop. Free of artificial flavors, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Using great dairy,  artisian chocolates, beautiful vanillas and seasonal local ingredients.

What are your favorite flavors and what is one product every foodie must try?

I don’t have a favorite flavor, it all depends on my mood.  My recent moods have been our Turtle Brittle ice cream and Banana Chip Kremewich.

Turtle Brittle – Rich dark chocolate ice cream made with 70% valrhona chocolate, loaded with shards of our hand-crafted pecan brittle.

Banana Chip Kremewich – Creamy banana ice cream sandwiched between banana cakes studded with mini chocolate chips.

A foodie must try them all!

What advice would you give an up & coming black food entrepreneur in the dessert industry? 

Block out the noise and do what YOU love.

How can Black Foodies support? (where can they purchase it? 

  Black Foodies can purchase our product on our website, we ship nationwide. We offer catering services as well. Check us out at

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