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5 Books every Black Foodie should add to their reading list!


Cookbooks are some of our favourite things to collect. These books offer us a window into  our history, stories, cultures and more. They teach us, […]

Black Foodie Manns Veggies 9 of 12

Pecan Sweet Potato Pie

This southern dessert is not only delicious, it’s a holiday essential. For me, this dish brings back memories of holidays in Chicago, soulfood adventures in […]


New Food Tour Gives Good Lovers a Taste of Ethiopia in Toronto

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Whenever I’m craving a taste of home and in need of an injera fix, the first place I head to is the Danforth neighbourhood in […]


M’Baku’s diet: 4 African Vegetarian Dishes You Need to Try!

If you’ve been scrolling down our Black Foodie timeline, it’s clear to see we are all ready for M’Baku’s cooking show. But until that glorious […]

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How One ‘Cookist’ is Inspiring Nairobi’s Food Scene


One of the first things many people ask when they run into Mulunda Kombo is, “So, when are you making me a burger?” Mulunda, a […]


An author’s quest to tell the story of Caribbean food in the UK

For all those on the West side of the Atlantic Ocean who celebrate Black History month in February, we in the UK happen to celebrate […]

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A Cookbook for the Soul: “Stories From my Grandmother’s Kitchen” Review


Darius Williams captivates us with his dynamic storytelling and Afrocentric gather-round the table recipes, which transports us to our past. When life was simple and […]

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