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Celebrating the Pioneers of Soul Food: Black Women

It’s National Soul Food Month! This June, we’re celebrating the culinary pioneers who have shaped America’s food culture, Black women.

Black History Month Virtual Potluck List

Black Bloggers Making Black History Month All About The Food


February in the U.S. has always been a time to honour Black History, but for black food bloggers, this is also a time to specifically […]

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Black Food Bloggers Bring You a Virtual Juneteenth Cookout Spread


Today is Juneteenth and while many people are just waking up to what that even means, Black Americans–especially in the southern states–have been recognizing this […]

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Get ready for the BLACKFOODIE BATTLE!

The BLACK FOODIE Battle is a video competition that pits home cooks against hobby chefs and Instagram influencers to create something incredible in the kitchen […]

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This Montreal based online bakery is now shipping tasty rum cakes across the country

This winter we took a trip to snowy Montreal to visit Bayard Gateaux, an online bakery that creates delicious and beautiful cakes. We got a […]

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New Catering pop up delivers African flavours to Torontonians doors!

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If you’re a jollof fan in Toronto, you know how hard it is to get jollof delivered to your home. Thankfully the game is changing […]

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50 + Black Owned restaurants where you can get a Fried Chicken Sandwich instead


  Let me just say this first, we perfected fried chicken. While all this buzz exists around who makes the best fried chicken sandwich, let’s […]

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5 Books every Black Foodie should add to their reading list!


Cookbooks are some of our favourite things to collect. These books offer us a window into  our history, stories, cultures and more. They teach us, […]

AfroFoodTalk EatGorsha 6 photo by Eden Hagos

#AfroFoodTalk-how african chefs and creatives are uniting to shape the future of African food

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Last week I travelled to Washington DC for a special gathering of minds passionate about African food. As I listened to culinary greats discuss exciting […]

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Sisters join forces to create a charity that helps youth learn healthy cooking skills

Inspired by the Guyanese flavours they grew up on and a desire to educate their peers, two Toronto based sisters saw a need in the […]

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