Caribana 2

Caribana: Toronto’s Celebration of Caribbean Culture


Caribana has become a key highlight of summer in Toronto. It’s hard to imagine an August long weekend without the opportunity to whine ya waist […]

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Jamaican patties: Coco bread or Nah?

Ethiopian Spices13

5 Ethiopian Foodies you should follow!


Feening for some tibs and kitfo? Wanna learn new recipes to impress your habesha friends? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the […]

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Haitian Chef Alan Lemaire’s Journey

Chef Alan Lemaire is someone I have been following for a couple of years now and his success in the culinary industry makes my heart […]

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Black Foodie featured on CBC!

Click Here for full video: This Black History Month I took part in an amazing series called HerStory in Black. Emily Mills of How She […]

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Paschals Restaurant: A bite into the past

As part of the new Black Foodie web series, we’ll be featuring #BlackFoodie moments that capture the essence of what it means to be a […]

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From Pro Athlete to Chef to the Stars: Chef Tobias Dorzon’s journey

Chef Tobias Dorzon, 32, is a celebrity chef and founder of Victory Private Chef Co., a catering and specialized meal plan business based in the […]

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OUR NEW WEBSERIES spotlights the best in Black Chefs, cuisine and more!

If you’re anything like me- you’ve spent countless hours watching food and travel shows like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts unknown. Although I loved these types of […]

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My folks don’t stuff their Turkeys; the difference between stuffing and dressing!

Not long ago, I was presenting a cooking video for a client about Thanksgiving and said client really wanted the bird to be gloriously stuffed, […]

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Beyond the brownie: a new cookbook teaches cannabis desserts that are outside the box


We caught up with Keena Moffet, a food entrepreneur who is showing the world that there are several ways to enjoy cannabis cuisine. Check out […]

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