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New Atlanta restaurant serves tasty injera with a side of art & culture


Located in Atlanta’s hub for tasty Ethiopian eats, there’s a new restaurant adding a unique flare to the way guests experience Eritrean & Ethiopian cuisine. […]

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Three sisters bring Caribbean/Cajun flavours to Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood

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Growing up in a Grenadian/ Trinidadian Canadian home, the three sisters behind SugarKane Restaurant, got their start cooking early.  They moved from cooking for get […]

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From Curry goat to Shrimp & Grits, A taste of Black Chicago


Chicago may be best known for its deep dish pizzas, Chicago-style hot dogs, Jazz music, Al Capone, and dare I say… Kanye West? But my […]

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Michele’s JamBali Cafe: A Taste of Jamaica in Bali


Nostalgia is a funny thing. How easy a scent, a taste or a sound can instantly transport you thousands of miles away. How pimento and cinnamon, […]

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Eat Here ATL Guide: A snapshot of black owned restaurants, events and companies in Atlanta


As a self proclaimed Local Food and Restaurant Advocate for the city of Atlanta, I make it my business to find like minded people who […]

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Top 5 Black Owned Restaurants in Detroit


As a Detroit Native, I can attest that Detroit, Michigan is growing on the culinary scene. From restaurants to bars, you can definitely find a […]

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