Black-Owned Businesses

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The missions the diaspora will go through to get a taste of home


Hiding mangos in tinfoil,  stuffing guinep in bras, freezing jollof or doro wot for the long journey ahead, and more… This just a small glimpse […]

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New Atlanta restaurant serves tasty injera with a side of art & culture


Located in Atlanta’s hub for tasty Ethiopian eats, there’s a new restaurant adding a unique flare to the way guests experience Eritrean & Ethiopian cuisine. […]

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Injera & Chill: ATL edition

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Black Foodie brought the heat to Atlanta last weekend with our Injera & Chill pop up day party.  Thousands of Ethiopians and other East Africans […]

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Three sisters bring Caribbean/Cajun flavours to Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood

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Growing up in a Grenadian/ Trinidadian Canadian home, the three sisters behind SugarKane Restaurant, got their start cooking early.  They moved from cooking for get […]

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Black Woman owned Ice Cream company provides specialty artisan ice-cream to foodies across the country


Summer is here and there’s no better way to cool off than with a big scoop of creamy delicious ice cold ice cream! We caught […]

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Black Owned Treats, Drinks and Catering for the Holidays in Toronto!

The holiday’s are coming up quick, load up on all your fave Black owned Caribbean favourites with our list. We’ve listed the Instagram pages of […]

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From Curry goat to Shrimp & Grits, A taste of Black Chicago


Chicago may be best known for its deep dish pizzas, Chicago-style hot dogs, Jazz music, Al Capone, and dare I say… Kanye West? But my […]

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New grocery delivery platform provides easy access to hard to find African Ingredients


Sometimes the African and Caribbean ingredients we grew up on can be difficult to find – especially on the current grocery delivery services. Boyede saw this […]

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The story behind Toronto’s favourite Island drink: Pop’s Punch


For Toronto based beverage entrepreneur, Andrew, punch is more than just a drink it’s a way of preserving his Jamaican grandfather’s passion and gift of […]


Black owned market shines light on unique Black Food businesses in Toronto

What do a cotton candy business, vegan cheese maker and west African hot sauce startup have in common? These are all specialty food businesses owned […]

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