How to Create an Authentic Jamaican Restaurant Experience at Home

@seniorgumboy eating Jamaican food

Jamaican food is a representation of the blend of cultures that have influenced the island over hundreds of years, making it one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. With a variety of culinary offerings with links to Spain, China, India, Britain, and various countries in West Africa, a Jamaican feast can be a party in your mouth and a history lesson all at once.

We spoke with Marvin Morgan, aka social media sensation @SeniorGumBoy for a crash course in ordering Jamaican food at home with SkipTheDishes. With over 27,000 restaurant partners across Canada, it’s easy for you to find and enjoy Jamaican restaurant classics without leaving your couch with Skip and these tips.

Tip #1: Always order extra oxtail gravy.

Oxtail and white rice is a classic Jamaican dish that’s absolutely bursting with savoury, slow-cooked spices and aromatic ingredients. Even if you don’t order oxtail and white rice (which of course, you should definitely try), ask the restaurant for a small container of extra oxtail gravy to pour over whatever savoury dish you get. It’ll take your tastebuds to new heights with very little effort.

Tip #2: Complement your order with one of the house-made drinks.

Many Caribbean restaurants carry the tradition of offering fresh-pressed juices similar to the eateries and roadside vendors in the islands. Jamaican restaurants are no different, especially with the country’s strong association with a true vegan lifestyle known as ital. For a zing of nutrient-rich energy, order a cold-pressed (non-alcoholic) ginger beer or a deliciously smooth carrot juice that’ll refresh your palate in between bites of your order.

A spread of food from a Jamaican restaurant

Tip #3: Add a patty + cocobread to stretch your budget and appetite

If you’re like me, you have a tendency to over-order on takeout so there are lots of leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. At less than $5 per sandwich, the patty & cocobread combo is a great way to try something new, something filling, and something truly Jamaican without breaking the bank. You’ll fall in love with the spicy-sweet-crunchy-soft combo that can be re-heated to perfection in the toaster (or toaster oven) the next day.

When it comes to re-creating an authentic Jamaican restaurant experience at home, nothing’s easier than perusing the SkipTheDishes app to discover your new faves. With no hidden service fees, it’s easy to create a feast that’ll keep you satisfied for days.

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