Doubles vs Patties: Black Foodie’s Caribana Brunch Party


Who doesn’t love a flaky golden patty? And who can deny the satisfying channa filled fried dough snack- doubles? The answer…  No one! Or at least that’s what I’d like to think. I’d consider myself a patty and doubles connoisseur. And although I didn’t grow up eating these foods, (it was injera all day in my Ethiopian home growing up) I became obsessed when I was introduced to these snacks after moving to Toronto.  The jamaican patty and Trini doubles were perfect for me as a student. It was everything I need- filling, hot, delicious and cheap!

Now that I’m not a student anymore I still enjoy these foods just as much. I was wondering to myself though if it was possible to choose a favourite. A friend commented to me that it was like choosing between 2 children LOL! It’s a serious debate and I’d like to help solve it. And what better time to do it then CARIBANA- my favourite time of the year. Join us at Simone’s Caribbean Restaurant for a Caribana Brunch party filled with lots of doubles and Jamaican patties. We’ll be hosting a friendly competition alongside the usual brunch turn up!

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