Doubles vs Patties: Who wins?

Photography by Moumy

This past summer we set out to see which caribbean snack/ street food would reign supreme. There are so many to choose from but the two we focused on were Jamaican patties and Trini Doubles.  Now I’ll be honest, I’m a doubles person. I mean don’t get me wrong- like any person with flavor I know patties are delicious. But there’s something about that channa…that will make you question why any other street food exists.

Surprisingly, however, our competition results were not so clear. In person doubles took the overwhelming lead. But the Jamaican foodies came through on our online polls! So it’s a officially a TIE! FOR now at least!  I think it’s time we take this friendly debate on di road!

Catch the recap below and let us know which Caribbean food has your vote!

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