Five Wing Flavors to Make any Party a Success

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No matter the occasion, wings are always a sure (and quite tasty) bet! Whether you’re buying or cooking them, dipping them in ranch dressing or blue cheese (we’ll save that debate for another day), picking flats or drums, hosting or coming over– guest are guaranteed to enjoy these!

My top 5 in descending order are below.  

  1. Teriyaki

Trust me– you can do this with or without the sesame seeds.  When prepared the right way, these are sweet and pack a powerful punch of flavor.  Be careful with teriyaki, however, as this flavor can be very different depending on where you go but they’re typically a win.

  1. Mild

While they’re not my favorite, they’re definitely versatile and perfect for those who can’t handle spice or those who just want “chicken wings”.  For me– this is about being considerate of guests more than anything else.  If my guests are happy then I, too, am happy.  

  1. Honey BBQ

You can never go wrong with Honey BBQ’s sweet and savory appeal.  Honestly, I’ve never met a person who hasn’t been a fan of Honey BBQ so whether you’re making your own or perusing the sauce aisle at your favorite grocer, make sure you’re ready to put these on the table.

  1. Lemon Pepper

This is not a drill and this flavor is certainly not up for debate.  As you navigate through the Super Bowl spread of sliders, ribs, beer and more– these have to find their way onto your plate.  If you’re at a party and you don’t see these citrus infused wings then you’re not at a party.  As a visitor or guest, do us all a favor– call ahead and bring some with you.

  1. Buffalo

It’s self-explanatory. Hot wings always win. Always.





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