Garnish: A Black Gourmand’s Paradise

Photography by Tai Bah

Melanin, Elegance and flavour. Lots and lots of flavour! Those are the 3 words that best describe Black Foodie’s first edition of Garnish.

We  filled 2017 with fun food focused day parties where guests  snacked on everything from delicious injera to smoky jollof but we decided to bring in 2018 with a bang and a new type of Black Foodie experience.  Garnish was our Black and Bougie toast to good food and dope people.  Check out the recap below:

Chef Maxine Knight brought our vision to life with her Afro Caribbean inspired menu. Think flaky tasty Senegalese fish pastelles and spicy oxtail spring rolls paired with pickled breadfruit salsa- yes you read that right! It was absolutely delicious and it weaved in the flavours from the diaspora to bring our guests a taste of the familiar in an unexpected way.

Everything about Garnish was designed to keep the Black gourmand in mind and highlight amazing food, drink and businesses. We chose Make Lemonade, a women’s co- working space in the heart of downtown as the back drop and worked with an awesome African event planner and decorator to bring in an elegant African inspired vibe to the dinner. Nikie of MMM Decors is committed to bringing in traditional African inspired decor into formal events. She transformed the space and brought a unique African flair to the dinner decor.

We couldn’t host a great dinner without amazing drinks so we partnered with a Toronto based  entrepreneur who brought his grandfathers special Jamaican recipe up north with his delicious Caribbean Punch with a punch 👌🏾 Our guests sipped on Pop’s Punch’s tropical drinks all night long!


Don’t Poke the Bear great wines kept our guests sipping and happy throughout the evening as well.

Sheena, founder of Service Co. a black owned staffing service preparing drinks for Garnish.


Black Foodie Team celebrating the New Year at Garnish

Garnish was a blast and a unique opportunity to showcase Black chefs and menus in an intimate and upscale setting.  Guests were able to connect with each other, engage with talented chefs and EAT GOOD! Look out for more Garnish events this year!


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