Healthy Pumpkin overnight Oats


Its no secret fall is pumpkin-flavored everything season so a couple of day ago when we drove pass a pumpkin patch I got so excited I had to stop and ask when they will start selling them. I spent the rest of the day thinking about all things pumpkin! The next day I couldn’t help myself so I drove to the store and bought a can of organic puree to make my overnight oats.  Overnight oats are one the quickest no-cook method of making healthy oatmeal for a busy morning.  I love oatmeal cooked on the stove but overnight oats has definitely been my favorite and it’s even tastier in my opinion. If you’re not on the pumpkin flavored everything train yet then this hassle free healthy breakfast will definitely get you on board.

Healthy Pumpkin overnight oats Recipe

1/3 Cup organic rolled oats

½ Cup Vanilla Almond Milk

½ cup organic Pumpkin puree

¼ cup of plain yogurt

1tbsp Maple Syrup

¼ cup of mixed berries

1 Passion fruit (optional)

Handful of pecan

  1. In a jar pour the oats, milk, maple syrup. Stir and refrigerate for an hour or overnight.
  2. Add your toppings of fruits, pecan, yogurt
  3. Feel free to add/substitute or remove any ingredient like the passion fruits with apple or banana.
  4. Voila! Enjoy.

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