Injera & Chill: ATL edition

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Black Foodie brought the heat to Atlanta last weekend with our Injera & Chill pop up day party.  Thousands of Ethiopians and other East Africans in the diaspora travelled to Atlanta for the annual ESFNA festivities, a soccer tournament turned cultural festival so it was the perfect time to introduce our day party for the culture.

Hosted at an Ethiopian owned event space, Pushers Co in 5 points, guests were able to take in the sights of the eclectic neighbourhood and buy black in the process. In addition to this we partnered with a number of great East African food and drink brands.

Bella4Baking served up delicious East African inspired cupcakes using flavours from Ethiopian & Eritrean food culture. Think cardamom and coffee, it was so so tasty and so beautiful I almost didn’t want to bite into the intricate designs.

Then we had an awesome Ethiopian buffet catered by none other than Mimi, my aunt and home chef that will put almost any restaurant to shame. She served up injera and then an Ethiopian coffee ceremony sponsored by Goatberry coffee to close the evening! Goatberry coffee is a new Ethiopian American owned coffee brand bringing authentic high quality coffee to the US.

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The vibes were curated by DJ K- Meta who played a mix of afrobeats, habesha tunes and hip hop kept the party going. All in all it was a beautiful reintroduction to Atlanta and a space for foodies to connect, East Africans to celebrate their food culture and discover amazing East African food & drink brands in the process.  Here are some of the photo highlights:

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