Injera + Chill: Experience Ethiopian Food with Black Foodie

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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony (eat ethio)

Going to an Ethiopian Restaurant can be an interesting experience for newbies. No forks, a strange flatbread and a menu that is sometimes hard to understand. But once you try the food, you realize what all the hype is about!

Having grown up in an Ethiopian household, one of my favorite things to do is introduce people to the cuisine.  That’s why I decided Black Foodie should be the one to introduce folks to the amazing food and culture.

No need to look apprehensively at the menu or look to the nearby tables to try to figure out how to enjoy this food. We got you covered.

If you are in Toronto, come enjoy an Ethiopian Feast with us. Come for the Injera and chill. Promise you won’t Regret it!

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  • Erdem says:

    My Ethiopian food is very tame compared to the trdnatioial recipes, that sometimes call for a *tablespoon* of berbere, which is a spice blend that’s hot like cayenne pepper. For my Little shmoo I make it very mild!We’ve made injera the tradtional way with all teff flour, set out for days to ferment. My husband liked it and it really did hold together, but it was difficult to work with. You’ll notice most of the recipes online use all white flour instead. I’ve used about half and half with good results.Now I’m hungry for Ethiopian food all over again! 🙂

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