Injera + Chill Tour: Next stop London, UK !

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It started as a conversation amongst friends, what if Black Foodie could introduce folks to East African food and get young people in the diaspora to come out and support great small business owners at the same time.  I noticed that many other young people in the African diaspora in my circle weren’t going to African restaurants even though the food was great and my friends from outside the community were taking an interest in East African food.

So Black Foodie used a catchy phrase, Injera + Chill as the name to kick off a series of meetups and events at East African Restaurants and the word spread! The first event was  hosted at Ethiopiques, a great Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Toronto, but relatively unknown to many young people in the diaspora, Black Foodie was able to introduce our audience to a great experience and new restaurant.  We partnered with event planner, Eden Zeweldi and Music curator, Maz Osman to make this experience even better! Guests learned about the traditional coffee ceremony, enjoyed trivia and were able to come away with a new understanding and appreciation for East African cuisine.


After a successful event in Toronto, Atlanta was next on the radar. Choosing a well known restaurant Desta’s Ethiopian Kitchen was the perfect place to host Injera + Chill. Desta puts a new twist on Ethiopian classics like their kitfo roll, spiced ethiopian beef served like a sushi roll but wrapped in tortilla- sounds crazy but it tasted pretty good!

Here we were able to add an African American perspective to the conversation on East African food. Shane from Atlanta, spoke about how amazing it was to share a plate with friends. He loved East African food  only for its bold flavor but also because that act of sharing  food from the same plate brought him closer to the people he experienced the food with.


Now Black Foodie’s Injera+ Chill event is heading to the UK! It will be Adulis Restaurant, an Eritrean Restaurant located in Brixton to connect with Black Foodies in the UK. Eritrean cuisine is very similar to Ethiopian cuisine, using Injera the large flatbread to eat amazing stews. We’ve partnered with Michael Berhane, UK based co-founder of People of Colour in Tech to get the word out!

Whether or not you identify as a Black Foodie, as long as you’re down to enjoy some injera and conversation, be sure to join us in London!


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