KitchenCray- changing the Chef game!

What do you get when you mix talented chefs, eclectic menus and a high energy team? You get  Kitchen Cray -a dynamic group of chefs who are changing the face and culture of the chef game. Peaking into their kitchen you won’t just find amazing food but also a lot of laughter, hiphop and people who are truly passionate about food.

Leading KitchenCray is Chef Jr, a celebrity chef hailing from NYC who has made DC home. Catering to big names like Wale, everyone in DC knows that you’ll find good food wherever you find Chef Jr. Having competed in Hell’s Kitchen, his drive and ambition in the kitchen is demonstrated as he guides KitchenCray in the kitchen. When asked what makes KitchenCray different from the rest he answered, “We really love what we do. It’s not like a job for none of us…. we stay… we love.. we actually care about the food, we care about the customers. We’re personal, we’re not just back of the house. You’ll see my chefs interacting with the guests- we like to bring that live aspect to the experience. ”

Chef Gio


And this is totally true. Having spent the day with Kitchen Cray at their Sunday Brunch event at Ozios, the dynamics of the experience is different.  There are live cooking stations where you can watch one of the KitchenCray chefs prepare a red velvet waffle or cook up some amazing omelettes with a shrimp cream sauce that is to die for!  Guests get to meet and know the people behind the meal and enjoy the experience with them.

Chef JR explains how he preps his team.  “We practice our smile!” and you will see plenty of smiles as the chefs watch the guests enjoy their food.

KitchenCray Team      Red Velvet Waffles

Another thing you’ll find in his kitchen is passionate people, take LL Cool Chef aka JoJo who knew he was onto something when everyone at his college was asking for his special JoJo wings. When he’s not with Kitchencray, you can find him in the community teaching children how to cook healthy meals.

LL Cool Chef

Or take Malik,  one of the newest addition to the team, an 18 year old from Baltimore who’s passion for food is exceptional. After meeting Chef Jr at an event, he followed up and was given an opportunity to learn under his wing.

Then there’s Tanya, who’s banana pudding is absolutely amazing! Seriously you won’t find anything like it! Each Kitchen Cray member brings their own unique flavor and influence to the menu. From jerk chicken wings to jollof rice, you are sure to get an eclectic taste of amazing food.

There are plenty more talented people behind Kitchencray. Just a day in their kitchen had me wondering why they didn’t have a show already! What I found to be the best part was  their food had an ingredient that is so necessary- LOVE!  As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. I’ve been in alot of kitchens and a lot of brunches- but their food was on another level! Their Sunday Brunch at Ozios is a must for anyone in the DMV. Long gone are the bougie ideas of what makes a great chef. Kitchencray makes food people love and they have fun while doing it. Come to their event and expect to hear Wale’s latest, surrounded by beautiful people while eating the best red velvet waffle you’ve ever had!

Ozio's Brunch

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