M’Baku’s diet: 4 African Vegetarian Dishes You Need to Try!

If you’ve been scrolling down our Black Foodie timeline, it’s clear to see we are all ready for M’Baku’s cooking show. But until that glorious day- there are actually tonnes of great African vegetarian recipes that are delicious and simple to make.  We’ve listed 4 that you should definitely try!



This dish definitely lives up to it’s name. Ful is a breakfast food prepared across East Africa and the Middle East. Made from stewed fava beans and plenty of delicious fresh veggie toppings, it’s a refreshing replacement to the typical American breakfast. Substitute the cereal for this healthy treat.


This is an Ethiopian/Eritrean classic. It’s the Ethiopian version of fast food as it’s fairly cheap and easy to prepare. But don’t get it twisted- it’s absolutely delicious – and vegetarian! Prepared with dried spiced chickpea powder (shiro), peppers and tomatoes (depending on the chef) it is a veg friendly dish that is sure to please!


This crunchy bean fritter is the ISH and can be found in many forms from Ghana to Brazil (here’s a link for the Nigerian version of the recipe). It’s the perfect spicy pick me up for when you need a filling vegetarian escape.

Red Red

Okay you may be thinking, more beans by now but yes more beans! Each recipe has a unique flavour and texture that you are sure to enjoy. Try Ghanaian Red Red this week and you’ll thank us later.