New Food Tour Gives Good Lovers a Taste of Ethiopia in Toronto


Whenever I’m craving a taste of home and in need of an injera fix, the first place I head to is the Danforth neighbourhood in Toronto. It’s where I go on lazy Sunday afternoons to reconnect with friends and fill up on the flavourful foods I was raised on. Over the years, I’ve developed my favourites and come to know some awesome business owners in the process. So naturally this was the first place I went to when I decided to launch a food tour showcasing the best in Ethiopian cuisine.

On this tour, I talk all things Ethiopian food and reflect on my travels back home to explore the food scene. This food tour is my chance to give people a taste of the culture that has shaped me and support great East African owned businesses in the process. I love curating unique food experiences and I was certain to include some dishes that aren’t on the menu, the type of foods you would typically only enjoy when dining at someone’s home. My hope is that guests will leave this tour feeling full of some dope injera as well as a new understanding of the cuisine.

Learn more about the my food tour and how to grab tickets 👇🏾

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