Oja Express partners with Black Foodie to launch award celebrating local African/ Caribbean Grocery stores

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We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Oja Express to help recognize the dope mom & pop African/Caribbean grocery stores that have been holding it down for the culture for years.  Oja Express is an innovative online delivery service that connects food lovers to African/Caribbean groceries from their favourite local mom & pop stores.

The founder, Boyede explains,  “OjaExpress is committed to ensuring that grocery stores that serve immigrant communities, not only survive, but thrive.  Most of these stores were started by immigrants, and due to a multitude of challenges, it is difficult for these stores to invest in technology that bigger chain grocery stores invest in. Many small business don’t last beyond the second generation.  We want to help stem this trend. Our grocery stores are not just points of transactions, they are institutions. OjaExpress wants to help to keep these stores viable. OjaExpress provides an easy-to-use, low cost solution, that allows these stores to provide the same level of service as their bigger competitor, but with the cultural touch.”

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In addition to creating the technology and infrastructure to help local African/ Caribbean grocery stores flourish and us foodies get access to the food we love, OJA Express has partnered with us at Black Foodie to launch an award to shine light on & recognize the local grocery store owners for their work in keeping the culture alive through food.

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The grocery store business is no easy task, and for years our local African/ Caribbean grocers have been our only source to the foods & ingredients we grew up on. Help us show these shops the  love and appreciation they deserve and nominate a store for an OJA award today.





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