Upside-down Peach CobblerBy Eden HagosPeach cobbler is one of my all-time favourite desserts! It's fruity, sweet, and that spiced, golden crust gets me every time. This recipe is unique because the peach filling is poured on top of the batter which then bakes up to cover the peaches and bring the whole dessert together. If you can get your hands on Tillamook ice cream, I strongly recommend you enjoy a slice of this cobbler with a scoop of their Vanilla Bean or Peaches & Cream flavour. It's SO good.
Sweet Potato CornbreadBy Eden HagosCornbread is one of my favourite side dishes to bring to a family gathering or potluck. This delicious version is taken up a notch with the addition of sweet potato and spices. My favourite way to enjoy this decadent cornbread is with a glass of hot spiced Ethiopian tea before I dig into the main course. Try it and let me know what you think!
Ndizi Nyama – Tanzanian Green Banana and BeefBy Nafisa MnondwaAn integral part of Tanzanian cuisine, Ndizi Nyama — Swahili for “bananas and meat” — is a simple yet savory dish that packs a ton of flavor. Using the greenest unripe, starchy bananas, a distinctly East African technique, this dish features tender meat and coconut milk making Ndizi Nyama a great dish to serve on any occasion!
Mom’s LasagnaBy Eden HagosLike a lot of people, my mom is the one who taught me everything I know in the kitchen. Her recipes are a mainstay in my kitchen but nothing stands out as much as her Ethiopian lasagna. It was always the main attraction during holiday meals, celebration dinners, and church picnics. The key to its distinct flavour is the sugo, the rich meat sauce spiced with classic Ethiopian berbere. Its a spice blend that I can never get enough of. Make sure to add nutmeg to the bechamel sauce and load this dish with high-quality cheese for a drool-worthy slice of heaven that's perfect every time.
Chef Anthony Thomas’ DC Mumbo SauceBy BLACK FOODIEA staple condiment in Washington, DC, Mumbo sauce is a bright orange sauce that's famous for its sweet, spicy, and savoury flavour. It's extremely versatile and used on everything from chicken wings to fried rice. This is my take on the classic recipe. I love it poured over chicken tenders and fries. Try it tonight - you won't regret it.
Zambian Fish Curry with NshimaBy Clara Kapelembe BwaliZambia is blessed to have a large body of water country-wide and as a result, fish is readily available and easy to find. It’s a great protein source in Zambian households with many of us preparing it by smoking, boiling, frying, and/or drying the different types of fish available. For this particular dish, I added a twist to a local boiled fish recipe by making it a fish curry. I consider this a twist as Zambian food is not heavy on the spices — many prefer it cooked in its natural flavours. Nshima, locally known as Ubwali, is a staple in Zambia. It can be made using maize meal which is the most common, or with cassava, millet, and/or sorghum meal. Try this recipe and enjoy a taste of Zambia!
Kenyan Goat PilauBy JudyAn integral part of Kenyan cuisine, Pilau is a simple yet savoury dish that packs a ton of flavour. The tenderness of the meat paired with the aromatics of the rice makes Goat pilau a great dish to serve on any occasion!
Arroz de Atum – Cape Verdean Rice with TunaBy CrystalA traditional Cape Verdean diet is rich in fish and seafood so arroz de atum (also referred to as arroz ku atum) is a perfect taste of my island nation in one bite. Unlike most Cape Verdean dishes, it doesn't take a whole afternoon or day to make which is perfect with my busy schedule and family life. I recommend imported tuna from Cape Verde or Portugal as the pieces are meatier and it's usually a little bit saltier than American tuna. Plus, its packed in olive oil which lends the dish a distinct taste.
Ethiopian-Style FulBy Eden HagosA popular dish across the Middle East and Africa (especially Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan), ful is a popular protein-packed stew with lots of potential. The base of the dish is created with red onions, tomatoes, and garlic which are cooked down before fava beans are added in with various spices. Together, these ingredients deliver a rich and spicy umami flavour that leaves you feeling satisfied and energized. Every family recipe is different, but here's the one that we love in my house for breakfast. I hope it becomes part of your morning routine too!
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