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My Recipes
Doro Wot/ Tsebhi Doro ( Ethiopian/ Eritrean chicken stew)By Eden HagosLearn how to make Doro wot also known as Tsebhi Dorho, a special Ethiopian and Eritrean chicken stew with boiled eggs. This stew is served on special holidays and is a labour of love, so it's a special treat anytime doro wot is served. This recipe serves more as guidlines so feel free to adjust as needed. Traditionally, we don't use recipes or measuring tools to make Ethiopian/ Eritrean food but this should help anyone who loves Doro wot recreate this special dish at home! Note: This recipe calls for a few ingredients that can usually only be found at East African stores like Mekelesha spice, Korrarima spice, Tesmi (Kibbeh) and Berbere (be sure to get this spice from an East African vendor because the Berbere sold in mainstream stores doesn't compare!). You can replace the Tesmi spiced clarified butter with Ghee but it won't have same flavour as it's missing the spices).
Praline Sweet Potato CakeBy Eden HagosThe holidays are around the corner and that means it's time to to pull out your whisk and bundt pans- baking season has officially arrived! This decadent Sweet Potato Praline cake combines the best of all of our holiday favorites, from sweet potatoes to pecans and warm fall spices like nutmeg. Made with Tillamook's creamy unsalted butter, this cake is ultra rich and so so delicious! Try a slice with a scoop of Tillamook’s Vanilla bean ice cream to kick it up a notch! Head over to to find Tillamook products near you!
Grilled Brown Sugar PeachesBy Eden HagosPeaches are the official fruit of summer, but to get the most out of them, add some magic by grilling them and spreading them with cinnamon-brown sugar butter.
Street-Style Jerk CornBy Eden HagosI was inspired to create this recipe by one of my favourite spots, SugarKane Restaurant in Toronto. This recipe is a Caribbean take on elote, Mexican street corn, and is covered in the best flavours of the islands. Like most of my recipes, you can customize it however you want, so feel free to turn up the heat or make it with sweetened coconut flakes.
Tasty Falafels with a Sweet & Spicy Tahini SauceBy Eden HagosFalafels are some of my favourite snacks! They're so versatile, easy to make and vegan! I make a big batch and freeze half for later. I often pop these treats in the air fryer and enjoy it with a tasty sweet & spicy tahini sauce.
Cookout-Ready Cheesy Jalapeno CornbreadBy Eden HagosMemorial Day is the official start to summer in the US and that means it's cookout season! If you know, you know that cookouts are all about the side dishes, so if you're in charge of bringing one, you have to come correct. Luckily for you, this cheesy jalapeno cornbread is so good and so easy, so don't worry if this year you're asked to bring a side dish. Everyone will want a slice of this cornbread! For extra flavour, use Tillamook medium cheese and drizzle honey over the cornbread while it's still warm.
Seriously Good Vegan Fried ChickenBy Eden HagosThis vegan fried "chicken" is so good, I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular fried chicken. No joke. The key to the juiciness of these tenders are the oyster mushrooms - make sure that you're using that specific type to get the familiar crunch and bite that usually comes with fried chicken. You can mix up the spices of the batter however you want, but don't forget the pickle juice! It adds the tang and moisture that make this recipe so irresistible.
Black-eyed Pea Hummus & Zaatar ChipsBy Eden HagosIf you're a carb lover like me, this recipe will become a staple in your roster! Traditional hummus gets kicked up a notch with the replacement of chickpeas with canned black-eyed peas and the addition of berbere spice and homemade Zaatar pita chips. Make it tonight to snack on during the week! You won't regret it.
Creamy Raw Vegan CheesecakeBy Eden HagosI have a huge sweet tooth and am always experimenting in the kitchen to remix my favourite desserts. I made this raw vegan cheesecake for the first time for Earth Day and honestly, I was surprised at how good it is! The crust is made with walnuts and dates and the filling gets its richness from coconut cream. The best part about this recipe is that the flavour of the filling is completely customizable! Next time I'll add some coconut extract or some ribbons of mango curd to really kick it up a notch. Try it this weekend!
Upside-down Peach CobblerBy Eden HagosPeach cobbler is one of my all-time favourite desserts! It's fruity, sweet, and that spiced, golden crust gets me every time. This recipe is unique because the peach filling is poured on top of the batter which then bakes up to cover the peaches and bring the whole dessert together. If you can get your hands on Tillamook ice cream, I strongly recommend you enjoy a slice of this cobbler with a scoop of their Vanilla Bean or Peaches & Cream flavour. It's SO good.
Sweet Potato CornbreadBy Eden HagosCornbread is one of my favourite side dishes to bring to a family gathering or potluck. This delicious version is taken up a notch with the addition of sweet potato and spices. My favourite way to enjoy this decadent cornbread is with a glass of hot spiced Ethiopian tea before I dig into the main course. Try it and let me know what you think!
Mom’s LasagnaBy Eden HagosLike a lot of people, my mom is the one who taught me everything I know in the kitchen. Her recipes are a mainstay in my kitchen but nothing stands out as much as her Ethiopian lasagna. It was always the main attraction during holiday meals, celebration dinners, and church picnics. The key to its distinct flavour is the sugo, the rich meat sauce spiced with classic Ethiopian berbere. Its a spice blend that I can never get enough of. Make sure to add nutmeg to the bechamel sauce and load this dish with high-quality cheese for a drool-worthy slice of heaven that's perfect every time.
Ethiopian-Style FulBy Eden HagosA popular dish across the Middle East and Africa (especially Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan), ful is a popular protein-packed stew with lots of potential. The base of the dish is created with red onions, tomatoes, and garlic which are cooked down before fava beans are added in with various spices. Together, these ingredients deliver a rich and spicy umami flavour that leaves you feeling satisfied and energized. Every family recipe is different, but here's the one that we love in my house for breakfast. I hope it becomes part of your morning routine too!
Cheesy Jerk Chicken NachosBy Eden HagosCut the heat of perfectly seasoned jerk chicken with a generous handful of creamy Tillamook Mexican 4Cheese and Medium Cheddar blends in this Caribbean-inspired nacho recipe. And if that flavour combination isn't enough, top the finish dish with tangy and sweet Trini mango-pineapple chow for a loaded snack that's equal parts crunchy, savoury, and filling.
Lip-Smacking Sòs Pwa NwaBy Eden HagosNothing compares to Sòs Pwa Nwa with sliced avocados, fried plantains, pikliz, and a big bowl of rice, but to be honest, I love it so much I often eat it on its own! It’s a creamy sauce that’s packed with flavour and the perfect addition to your winter lineup of soups and stews. Over the years I’ve modified the original recipe a bit (don’t we all? #blackfoodielife) by adding more coconut cream and pepper to make the dish a little creamier and a whole lot spicier but feel to adjust the coconut cream and spice to your liking once you've made it a couple times.
Teff Breakfast BowlBy Eden HagosTired of cereal? Want to switch up your oatmeal? Try this Teff bowl instead. Teff is a nutrient packed grain from East Africa, that can be used in baked goods, injera, and more. This Teff grain bowl is versatile and you can add whatever fresh fruits you like on top. The grain has a nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with warm spices, and my personal favourite, pecans.
Corn SoupBy Eden HagosThroughout my travels in the US and Canada, I’ve noticed that after the club or party people head over to 24 hr Breakfast spots like IHOP or if you’re in Toronto, Frans to grab some food. But if you go to a lime (I’m not referring to the fruit- it’s a Trini word used for a chill get together) or a Soca Fete (high energy party with Soca music) you’re more likely to find folks lined up around a large pot of delicious corn soup outside. I got my first taste after a Soca Fete during Caribana, after leaving the party I found people lined up to buy soup from a woman with a large pot of something that smelled delicious. I got in line and have been hooked on it ever since. I even found some on the street in Jamaica! The good thing is you don’t have to wait for another party, lime or fete or a trip to the islands to try this. My friends at Twice the Spice shared their Trini Corn Soup recipe with us. Twice de Spice is made up of twin sisters and cooking pair Marida and Narida. Former Master Chef Canada contestants, their Trini heritage influences their catering and products. Corn soup is also great for the fall. Use it to warm you up!
Summer-Ready Tostones & Spicy Mango ChowBy Eden HagosWhen I think of summertime, I think of fun moments with friends at my favourite restaurant patios. It’s there you’ll find me snacking on fried plantains with lots of hot sauce on the side and a refreshing mango drink in my hand. This recipe is my way of capturing those bright flavours and feelings of summer at home. Below you’ll find my remixed recipes for my favourite Caribbean snacks like Haitian Banane peze (fried plantains) that have been fried twice for extra crunch and mango chow, a spicy Trinidadian salad.
Misir – Easy, Ethiopian LentilsBy Eden HagosOne of the first dishes my parents taught me to make is miser/misir, a spicy Ethiopian lentil dish, so it’s what I’ll share with y’all first too! The key to the perfect miser, in my opinion, is lightly caramelizing the onions before adding the Berbere spice & garlic. I’ve been using Canola oil for years to cook miser, but had no idea till recently that the canola oil that’s been holding me and my fam down for years in the kitchen, is a Canadian product. Here's my recipe. I hope you love it!
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