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Poul Ak Nwa – Haitian Chicken with CashewsBy Chef LemairePoulet aux noix, aka Poul Ak Nwa, or chicken with cashews is a very popular dish in Haiti. It is notably from the northern side, especially around Cap Haitian, which is very known for its use of cashews. In Haiti, Sunday is considered as the family day, and it's the day of the week where the "best" dishes like Poul Ak Nwa are made because the entire family gets together, dines, and has great time together before the start of a new week. This dish holds a very special spot in my childhood memories, as I can recall how excited I was whenever I knew that my mom was making it. I can truly say that this is one of the dishes that drew me into the kitchen and spiked my interest in cooking. The fact that my mom took it upon herself to make it instead of the house cook, always stuck with me. She always wanted to make sure that Sunday meals were well prepared and tasted exactly as she wanted it. I hope you enjoy this recipe.
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