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Bahamian Pumpkin, Corn & RiceBy Chef Raquel FoxFlavourful rice dishes are prevalent throughout the Islands of the Bahamas, it’s our celebrated African heritage. In the family islands, the ingredients added to the rice are farm to table, what we eat is usually what is grown. Pumpkin & Rice is what I call a Bahamian old school recipe that is only homemade and not usually found in restaurants. In this recipe, I’m adding freshly shucked corn kernels as corn & rice is another favourite rice dish.
Andros Crab & RiceBy Chef Raquel FoxThis is the most quintessential Bahamian dish, a rice so flavourful, “you’ll want to eat the spoon!” Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas (2,300 square miles), known as “The Land of Crabs.” It’s home of the annual crab festival and the birthplace of my grandmother, she made it best with the addition of coconut oil, earthy pigeon peas and salted beef.
Bahamian Stew ChickenBy Chef Raquel FoxThis hearty bowl is infused with my favourite Caribbean herb, thyme, and original Bahamian heritage. It's a one-pot dish that'll keep you full for days. Be sure to enjoy it with my buttery 18th-Century Johnny Cakes.
Bahamian Chicken SouseBy Chef Raquel FoxChicken Souse (pronounced sowse) is a tasty chili-lime based soup with a zesty flavour profile. It is essentially the chicken soup of the Caribbean with medicinal properties to give your immune system a boost when you are feeling “under the weather.” Serve the souse with buttery Johnny Cakes for a complete meal.
18th-Century Bahamian Johnny CakesBy Chef Raquel FoxThe origins of Johnny Cake dates back to the the 18th century. Fishermen and sailors made this bread on the decks of their vessels by building a fire in a box filled with sand to keep the flames from spreading to the craft. It was originally called "journey cake" because it was quick to make and sustainable while travelling.
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