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photo 2021 03 24 22.18.37Clara Kapelembe Bwali
My Recipes
Lumanda in Pounded GroundnutsBy Clara Kapelembe BwaliA popular vegetable in Zambia, so much so that it is sung about in songs, Lumanda is often enjoyed with groundnuts, which pairs nicely with its interesting sour taste. Below is how I love to prepare it.
Zambian Fish Curry with NshimaBy Clara Kapelembe BwaliZambia is blessed to have a large body of water country-wide and as a result, fish is readily available and easy to find. It’s a great protein source in Zambian households with many of us preparing it by smoking, boiling, frying, and/or drying the different types of fish available. For this particular dish, I added a twist to a local boiled fish recipe by making it a fish curry. I consider this a twist as Zambian food is not heavy on the spices — many prefer it cooked in its natural flavours. Nshima, locally known as Ubwali, is a staple in Zambia. It can be made using maize meal which is the most common, or with cassava, millet, and/or sorghum meal. Try this recipe and enjoy a taste of Zambia!
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