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thumbnailNafisa Mnondwa
My Recipes
Tuna KatlesiBy Nafisa MnondwaA mouthwatering Tanzanian appetizer, tuna katlesi are fried potato and tuna snacks, perfect for special occasions or to make in a batch and enjoy during the week. They're a little bit spicy, so make sure to serve them hot with sweet and sour sauces, like tamarind or coconut chutney. Not ready to make these at home? Place an order with me on Instagram @naphi78!
Ndizi Nyama – Tanzanian Green Banana and BeefBy Nafisa MnondwaAn integral part of Tanzanian cuisine, Ndizi Nyama — Swahili for “bananas and meat” — is a simple yet savory dish that packs a ton of flavor. Using the greenest unripe, starchy bananas, a distinctly East African technique, this dish features tender meat and coconut milk making Ndizi Nyama a great dish to serve on any occasion!
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