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Nigerian Goat MeatBy Melody WillisThis popular one-pot soup is a light broth with any meat of choice, most commonly goat, catfish or chicken (native chicken) flavoured with African spices and herbs such as ehuru (calabash nutmeg, African nutmeg), negro pepper (Ethiopian pepper, Senegal pepper), lemongrass, habanero pepper, uziza leaves, scent leaves or wild basil. Some people eat this soup with boiled white rice or put yam, agidi (balls of corn flour), plantains or potatoes as I did in this recipe. Growing up in Nigeria, I remember my aunts craving this soup after giving birth as well as my mother giving my siblings and me this soup when we were recovering from malaria. This soup is very simple to make and even if you can’t get your hands on the traditional ingredients there are some pretty close substitutes that I listed next to the traditional ingredients.
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