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Caribbean-Inspired CornbreadBy Monique Taylor Yee ShuiThis recipe is a sweet cornbread that includes West Indian mixed essence. Mixed essence has a deliciously unique flavour and can be found in many West Indian drinks and baked goods. Serve this Caribbean inspired cornbread with my Jamaican Rum Glazed Turkey! Try it next you are hosting for a special occasion.
Jamaican Rum Glazed TurkeyBy Monique Taylor Yee ShuiWhile thinking of the menu for this year’s family Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to switch things up a bit. Although I love turkey and no one makes one quite like my mom, I wanted to add my own twist to our thanksgiving staples and this year. Having been raised in a West Indian home, rum was incorporated in holiday drinks and desserts such as black cake, rum cake, ponche de crème, and sorrel. Feeling inspired by our recent trip to Jamaica, I decided to make our turkey using Jamaican rum and I must say it was delicious! So as you gear up for the holiday season, this juicy turkey with a twist is a great addition to your family’s holiday dinner table. It features a hit of dark Jamaican rum mixed with a medley of sugar and spices that will have your family asking for more! I also have a perfect Caribbean Cornbread recipe that goes perfectly with this turkey. Enjoy both at your next holiday feast!
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