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My Recipes
Red Velvet CornbreadBy Chef Sean AndreOne day, while I was preparing for a client’s event multi-tasking in the kitchen, as usual, I began making a batch of cupcakes in one oven and a batch of cornbread in another. In the middle of the process, I had the bright idea to combine the two batter mixtures together just to see what would happen. It’s been my experience that some of my best dishes just kind of happen like that for me sometimes, by accident but in a good way. Now this recipe is a family favourite. My family insists that I make this for them at any family gathering. Sometimes I serve it with sautéed garlic butter shrimp just to push it over the top. OMG, you want to talk about amazing! My clients love it as well. It’s light and moist with a very unique flavour profile. It tastes just like what it is, a good piece of cornbread and your favourite red velvet cake mixed together. It’s even better served warm. Give this one a try at your next Sunday dinner and your guest will probably give you a round of applause. It’s just that good!
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