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My Recipes
Coconut CheesecakeBy Briana RiddockThe first time I made a cheesecake was when I was in culinary school. We had to create a dessert for someone we care about and I knew my sister loved cheesecakes, so I made her one. After that, I started putting cheesecakes on my dinner party menus and making them for friends, so they're pretty much my staple dessert. My background is Jamaican, so I'm adding some coconut flavoring and coconut flakes to this classic cheesecake recipe to give a different taste to something very very familiar.
Jamaican Escovitch Fried Red SnapperBy Briana RiddockWhen we travelled from Kingston to Ocho Rios, I remember grabbing food from street merchants. We stuck our hands out of the car to buy bags of guinep, peppered shrimp, mangoes and coconut water. Guinep is a peculiar fruit. I snapped the leathery skin open to reveal a pulpy flesh reminiscent of lychee with notes of a sweet and sour. The fruit was mostly seeded, so we devoured a bag quickly. It was the perfect snack for travelling cross country. Roads were narrow, filled with potholes, and the drivers drove fearlessly around mountainsides. We ventured through Fern Gully, a magical winding road covered in a thick fern that was once a river. The starking sun rays bounced everywhere as it peaked through the greenery. When we reached the Ochie, we made a stop at Dunn’s River Fall, the most popular waterfall in Jamaica. I would grab the hands of my brother and sister, while the freshwater gushed over our faces as we climbed the slippery waterfall rocks. Memories of Jamaica will always make it my piece of paradise.
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