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Banana, Ackee and Saltfish – A Paleo & Candida Diet RemixBy Sherese NicoleI want to share one of my favourite dishes that I eat, even on this highly restrictive diet. The candida diet means I don’t eat any wheat, sugars, fruit, yeast, or dairy, so I find myself eating meals that are a cross between paleo and the candida diet. I mix it with the paleo diet because the candida diet closely resembles paleo, except there’s no fruit allowed (not even natural sugars). Paleo is commonly referred to as a “caveman” diet because it is the presumed diet of early humans which was comprised of: lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and seeds/nuts. Ackee and saltfish are, hands down are some of my favourite Jamaican meals. My paleo/candida diet remix for the very traditional ackee and saltfish is quite simple. Although I love boiled dumplings, it’s not permitted on my diet, so I decided to substitute it with fried okra instead.
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