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My Recipes
Smoky Mac and CheeseBy Candace Boyd WylieMacaroni and Cheese is one of those dishes that brings out the best or the worst in people. To Kraft or not to Kraft? Baked or Stove top? In my family, I’m known for my baked mac & cheese. It’s hand delivered to every holiday gathering and usually made by the TON. Last Thanksgiving, I made 5 pounds. Yes, 5 pounds of ooey, gooey, butter baked mac and cheese. Recently, The Mr. decided to get in the kitchen and try his take on my classic recipe out of the blue. When I tell you I feel like my crown has been threatened… This man’s mac and cheese was perfection! After dinner, we swapped recipes and came up with something fantastic. There’s even a shocker of an ingredient: BBQ sauce, yep!Whenever I make Mac and Cheese, Mr. Foodlovetog puts BBQ sauce in it… It’s his favorite way to eat it. Sounds crazy, but when added to the cheese sauce, it kicks the dish up at notch! Grab the recipe below, you’ll be glad you did!
Baked Chicken & Cremini Mushroom WontonsBy Candace Boyd WylieAre you getting geared up for the Big game? I am! Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest game in American Football and I’m ready to watch, yell and EAT! Typically we serve wings, chips and dip, veggies, or chili on game days, but this time I wanted something different. Enter the Chicken & Crimini Mushroom Wonton with Smoked Paprika Sour cream dip. Full-flavored. Handy. Baked. Yep, Baked Wontons. All the fun without the fry. Leftover grilled chicken thighs, shallots and parsley round out this recipe. The sweetness of the shallot pairs well with cremini mushrooms. Grab the recipe below.
Cranberry Orange Holiday PunchBy Candace Boyd WylieThe holidays are just around the corner which means communal tables, big meals, and tasty drinks. Let’s just say it’s pitch-in season and you’re on beverage duty with no clue what to make. Well, look no further! I’ve got a super simple, refreshing punch that will liven up any party. Trust me, if you bring this Cranberry Orange Punch, they will drink it. This simple punch is made with one of my favorite seasonal sodas, Sierra Mist Cranberry, and it’s tangy, sweet, and addictive. It'll definitely become your go-to during the holiday season. *Note: This recipe calls for Champagne or Sparkling wine, which can totally be omitted if your party guests don’t partake in alcoholic beverages.
Sweet & Tangy CollardsBy Candace Boyd WylieAn ode to a classic. Collard Greens are one of those dishes that can either make or break you. It takes years to get them right! Traditionally, Collards are cooked over several hours until they almost melt in your mouth. While I like the traditional way of cooking greens, I don’t always have time for the all day affair. I’ve come up with a quick dish that I can make on a weeknight to satisfy my craving. These are NOT your or my Granny’s greens. These greens have a little bite to them. Tasty and full of flavor, these Collards are delish!
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