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An Ode to The Coconut: The Coconut TurnoverBy Arianne Pollonais DyerOh, coconut! What love and affection we Caribbean people have for you. For generations, we have used it in its entirety, such as the hydrating water and jelly for cooking, as a moisturizer, the shells for bowls and decorative pieces, the husks to start fires and hold the heat very much like a lump of coal would, the milk for all sorts of homemade yummies, and the grated flesh for numerous desserts. This particular dessert, the coconut turnover, is found in every bakery. I was first introduced to the turnover by my grandfather who loved them! It's traditionally in a sweet bread dough with grated coconut filling aromatized with an assortment of essences. The treat is believed to be a fusion of pastries brought to Trinidad and Tobago through colonization by the Europeans, who were fond of their pastries. It is also believed to be a descendant of the ‘coconut pie,’ a dish that originates from our African slave heritage. Not only is it close to the heart of the people in Trinidad and Tobago, but it is also very much so in the hearts of many across the Caribbean. But enough chatter for now - check out the recipe below. Your family and friends will not be disappointed!
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