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mariaMaria Bradford
My Recipes
Goat Meat Peanut Butter SoupBy Maria BradfordGoat meat peanut butter soup is one of Sierra Leone’s signature dishes. This dish is an economical alternative to the famous Peanut butter stew. My husband, who is of European descent, refers to converts to Peanut Butter Soup as a ‘White Belt’ in Sierra Leonan cuisine. Ultimately, he started as a ‘white belt’ with Peanut Butter Soup, progressed to Potato leaf stew, Cassava leaf stew, Okra and foo foo and then on to Tola, which another famous Sierra Leone’s dishes. He now considers himself a ‘black belt’ and fully enjoys all the culinary delights Sierra Leone offers. Below you’ll find my recipe for the dish that introduced my husband to the delectable cuisine of Sweet Salone!
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