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Chef Bashir’s Pan-African Fusion FeastBy Elle Asiedu

For Black History Month 2021, Chef Bashir Munye hosted an interactive cooking class for Interac Corp. employees teaching them how to make a vibrant dish inspired by North and East Africa.

A culinary adventurer with a decidedly nomadic approach to food, Chef Bashir is one of Canada's top chefs. Born in Somalia and raised in Italy, his knowledge of international flavours and techniques knows no bounds and every opportunity to interact with him when he cooks is a pleasure.

For this Interac event, Chef Bashir created a vibrant pan-African dish featuring savoury Chicken/Oyster mushroom tagine, zesty roasted okra salad, and fluffy seasoned couscous.

If you missed the event, don't worry; you can make this delicious meal right at home!

Dominican Mangú Con los Tres GolpesBy Elle AsieduTo celebrate Afro-Latinx heritage month in October, we connected with Ana Guisbell of Inspired with a Twist to takeover our Instagram page and share one of her favourite recipes from the Dominican Republic, Mangú con los tres Golpes. The dish, like many in the Caribbean, is of African descent and can be connected to the Congo where the word mangusi refers to any mashed vegetable, or so Ana’s mother says. Mangú con los tres Golpes — translated as mangú with the three strikes — is an anytime dish that relies on the strong flavours of its four main ingredients to deliver a simple but filling meal that’s savoury, crispy, and crunchy. Try this Dominican delight for yourself this weekend!
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