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Foolproof Cruzan Rum CakeBy Anquanette GaspardIn St. Croix, our “picnics” were almost ALWAYS held on the shores of one of the island’s best beaches either in Frederiksted at Dorsche or Rainbow Beach or out east end at Cramer’s Park. Out of all the foods and drinks, my favorite part of any family gathering was the dessert. That’s because it was most likely going to be a Cruzan Rum cake and as a kid, the anticipation of this dessert was the highlight of my day. I can still remember running up to the picnic tables from the sea water with soaking wet hands to get a piece of rum cake. I would sit on the sand and savor every single bite since I knew it would be a while before I had another taste. Here is my foolproof Cruzan Rum Cake recipe that I make a few times a year because it’s easy to make and a hit at every party it attends. Take it as your contribution to the next family gathering. I pray it brings as much joy to your family as it does to mine. Enjoy!
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